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Mackay Ceramics

14 oz "Mustard Seed" Swirl Mug

14 oz "Mustard Seed" Swirl Mug

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This one of a kind mug is handmade by Adam and Molly Mackay, in Morganton North Carolina, glazed in their very own formulated glaze combo, "Mustard Seed".  This glaze is a stone matte with all the colors of oranges, soft reds and browns.

This mug holds 14 ounces and from handle to lip edge measures 5" wide x 4.5" tall and is the perfect cup for coffee, tea, or your favorite drink.

Mackay Ceramics creates pots from an earthy midrange clay body, thrown on a potter's wheel, then fired to 2200 degrees.  Their pottery is made to be used and is strong, durable, ready for the dishwasher, microwave, and food safe.

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