Adam and Molly

Husband and wife Adam and Molly Mackay have been making pottery together since their younger years in high school in 2004.  Later, the two attended Western Piedmont Community College to work under excellent teachers Shane Mickey, and Courtney Long where the two developed strong concepts in ceramic technical skills.  Further, the two then went to Appalachian State University where they both received BFA degrees, concentrating in ceramics.  College was a time to learn about conceptual thinking of art, and idea generation.  At Appalachian State, Adam and Molly learned under professors and ceramic artists Lynn Duryea, Lisa Stinson and Roy Strassberg.

After college in 2013, the Mackays wed and went on to open a group studio and gallery in Morganton, North Carolina called West Union Art Studios.  The studio is home to 13 artist studios and is Adam and Molly's home base.  It's where they make their pottery, hold gallery space, and contribute to local art and education.

Their functional line is full of kitchenware pieces, like plates, bowls, serving dishes, cups, etc... The glazes are beautiful tones of yellows, blues and greens and hold a high degree of craft.  The pieces are expected to be used frequently and are made to a high degree of quality.

Molly's sculptural work is created by wheel-thrown vessel groupings that are cut and reassembled. They are inspired by faith, the figure, and human interactions. The work responds to how our actions affect our lives and relationships.