Handmade, small batch functional pottery made in the foothills of North Carolina

Pottery made by husband and wife Adam and Molly Mackay in their group studio at West Union Art Studios.

High quality, one of a kind, useful pottery.


Our functional work is primarily made on the wheel, fired to cone 6 in an electric kiln, and glazed with our unique, personally formulated glazes.

We work in small batches and make every piece from start to finish ourselves.

Shop Info

Every piece is crafted by hand, therefore shop updates sell out. To grab your favorite piece, keep up with the shop updates, then grab your piece quick!

The best way to keep up to date is by checking Instagram, or from the homepage at MackayCeramics.com


About Adam and Molly

We've long been potters and started our journey early. Our brick and mortar store, West Union Art Studios, is where we create our work and is located at 113 W Union St. Morganton, NC.

There we offer studio space to resident artists, work with the local IDD population, give music lessons and make lots of pots! We hope you'll visit us in person!

(Painting Credit to Jennifer Cline.)

West Union Art Studios